Our Team

Our team consists of a governing board, cuddlers, runners, and supporters.

  • Governing board: Keeps up with all the paperwork required to run ABC as a legitimate charitable society
  • Cuddlers give their time at the orphanages with the children.
  • Runners coordinate all the medical needs of the children.
  • Supporters are all our well-wishers, who attend our events and help with specific requirements for the children.


Amita Lulla

A hotelier by profession, Amita not only runs her own restaurant, but she is also a regular runner, takes care of all procurement, and is an integral part of the events team.

Gita Dasika

Gita has always been a supporter of ABC, and recently joined us as a board member in 2018. She is managing our largest grant for a medical monitoring project.

Latika Krepanand

A yoga instructor by profession, Latika is one of our lead cuddlers and she also handles all staff related matters.

Madhulika Patibandla Gupta

Madhulika has been associated with ABC for a few years. She has always been an active participant and supporter of our fundraising events. We look forward to her joining our team. Madhulika Patibandla Gupta

Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi has also been associated with ABC since the beginning. She has always sponsored various needs at the orphanage, and has always been ready to help during our events.

Prarthana Reddy

A business owner, Prarthana is an integral part of our runner team and she also handles some of our CSR partners and is most active during our yearly fundraiser in bringing in funds that keep us going for the next year.

Radhika Reddy

Radhika has been there since the beginning of ABC’s journey. She is part of the runner team and takes care of all the administrative needs of the organization.

T.S. Syamala Subashini

Syamala has also been with ABC since the beginning. She is a lead cuddler and a regular at the orphanage, sometimes more than once a week. She is willing to help in any area that an extra hand is needed, be it during our events, or as a runner.