• Playground: ABC put in a new playground in the month of December 2014. The material is more child friendly and safer. We would like to create a fence around the playground to make it safer to take the children outside to play. (Cost: almost 3 lakhs).
  • Library: ABC created a small library space in a hall way space. We painted the walls with child friendly themes. Due to logistical challenges, the books/learning toys were handed out on a
    rotational basis to the teachers rather than keeping them in the open shelves. This project was discontinued during building renovations. (Cost: approx. 15K)
  • Sick Room: ABC is in process of renovating the current sick room and putting in more equipment (warmer, vitals monitor, etc.), as well as hiring a pediatric nurse for special needs babies as well as children discharged from hospitals that still need to be monitored or need IV medication. (Already spent 25K)
  • Safety Gates: We installed safety gates within the building to prevent children from leaving their designated areas.
  • Roof Repair: ABC has brought in contractors to fix roof issues in multiple rooms. (Cost was over 30K)
  • Water Filter: ABC recently installed a water filters in the kitchen and common areas. (Cost: approx.46K)
  • Staff recognition: During the year, we give saris and snacks for certain festivals to encourage the ayahs. We cover all staff in both the orphanages we support.
  • Rodent control: ABC installed new wire mesh (near corridors), closed drains, and signed up for an annual contract for bug and rodent control.