Healthcare Preventive


Cuddlers visit the orphanage 2-3 times a week for 2 hours each visit and provide love, skin to skin, touch, and perform various activities from cuddling, changing, feeding, massaging, playing with the children. This also gives the ayahs/staff a break for a short while in their otherwise busy schedules.We regularly provide sterillium, diapers, cotton, hand soap, vaseline, rash creams, etc.


Runners coordinate the medical needs of the children (primary focus is on children below 1 year).Based on the needs of the orphanage, we conduct medical camps (dermatology, general, hearing, etc). We also periodically provide non-mandatory vaccinations like Pneumococcal and Rota Virus. In 2018, we received a grant to conduct a medical monitoring project. We have a team that is dedicated to checking on the children’s growth (height, weight, etc.) as well as milestones. 

Appropriate action is taken for children falling below in growth, or behind in milestones. ABC has hired a part time and full time nurse, and 6 ayahs/staff to take of children with special needs. Some failure to thrive (FTT) babies or children born with health issues, need extra attention and care to prevent frequent hospitalizations