Health Care - Hospitalization

We hospitalize an average of 3-4 children per month in a private hospital to treat children that require critical or special care (failure to thrive – FTT, immune deficient, heart disorders, etc.). As of January 2019, we had admitted over 165 children. The conditions of the children range from birth defects, congenital heart disorders, osteomyelitis, FTT, preterm or premature babies, inborn errors in metabolism, etc. We have admitted children for simple procedures like blood transfusions that require a day or two in the hospital, and we have also had children admitted for two months or more as they fight for their lives with various health issues. Most of their time being spent in the ICU and hooked up to the ventilator, C-PAP, Bi-PAP, HFNC, or oxygen machine.

ABC bears the cost for the private care (hospitalizations average around 1 lakh per admission). The child remains under the care of the orphanage through the presence of ayahs and is returned to the orphanage once discharged from the hospital.