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(Solo picture of SreeVandana)

SreeVandana was one of the many children at a local orphanage in Hyderabad. At almost 12 months of age, she was not able to crawl orsit up.Her delayed milestones could mean any number of disorders:Genetic, Muscular, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, etc.

A medical diagnosis and appropriate medical help was overdue. But, she was just one among numerous other children at the orphanage with a multitude of medical difficulties.Unfortunately, orphanages have to make do with limited resources and hence, there was no guarantee that Vandana would get timely medical intervention. Because, timely intervention meant priority over others waiting their turn!

Eventually, Vandana did get a diagnosis. She was identified with thyroid and neurological concerns and was categorized as a ‘special needs’ child. It’s ironical that being categorized thus actually worked to her advantage because ‘special needs’ children at the orphanage get precedency over medical care and adoption.

At this point, ABC was endorsed to obtain the help of a Neurologist and Physiotherapist. And with a little time, Vandana was sitting, crawling and accomplishing her delayed milestones. She was going to be ok!In fact, she was going to be more than ok, since she was being reviewed for adoption.

Congratulations Vandana! The applicants were a young family from the USA, temporarily living in Hyderabad.

(Picture of Ford family preferably without Vandana)

Well, not so fast! Fortunately or unfortunately, the process of adoption is not easy and comes with its own challenges. After over 18 patient months of relentless paperwork and interviews, on June 8th, 2017, SreeVandana Ford was united with her new family. Her mom, Lindsey Fordis the founder of ABC. During her time with ABC in Hyderabad, she not only watched babies thrive, but babies pass away as well. It has to have been pure determination, dedication and love for humanity that withstood this long tiring process of adoption and enabled such a beautiful commitment.

(Picture of entire Ford family)

The Ford parents currently live in the USA making fond memories with their 2 sons and 2 daughters.Good luck and God bless you, inspiring Ford family! ABC wishes you a glorious life together!


Written for ABC by LaksmiDavaloor

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Commitments and Helping Hands come in all shapes and sizes. Every volunteer at ABC, be it a cuddler, runner, board member, doctor, donor, etc., make huge differences daily.

ABC adopts local orphanages and predominantly works with babies. ABC is an entirely volunteer based organization, with all proceeds going directly to support the orphans.

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